Exam Results 2019-2020

Exams Results 2019-2020

20th August 2020

As you will be aware this is a GCSE results day like no other for students who were not given the chance to show what they may have achieved via the process of their final GCSE exams. This year’s process has been so very different but we now have clarity that the GCSE grades students have received are the centre assessed grades submitted by schools to Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations).

Despite this disruption there has been some incredible success for youngsters across the borough and we would like to celebrate in particular the success of a number of Thamesmead students who have achieved some incredible exam results with Eloise Dignan has been awarded a clean sweep of ten grade 9s. Ian Volkov, Lucy Thomas, Samar Mouatakef, Mia Evans and Hannah D’Souza have been awarded nine grade 9s and a grade 8, Annabelle Harris achieved eight grade 9s and two grade 8s, James Whitehouse and Louis Green both achieved six grade 9s and four grade 8s. As well as celebrating these very high grades we are also thrilled with our students who have significantly exceeded their expected progress with their hard work and commitment. They are Amy Dabinett, Rebecca Hill, Anya Steers, Katie Hall, Sheridan Kerr, Vianney Daya, Adam Rapley, and Natasha Bray.

Normally at this time schools would share with you school performance data, including pass rates and subject performance measures. This year however The Spelthorne Secondary Schools are in agreement that due to these unusual circumstances it is not the right time for us to share this data and our combined focus should be on the community of young people we serve.

This has been a challenging year for all school students but when Year 11 found out in March that the GCSE exams were not going to be held and their final year at Thamesmead was to end so abruptly without the usual celebrations of carefully planned final assemblies and proms it was a huge disappoint to them. I am sure the turmoil of the change in government policy on exam results over the last week has also been worrying for students expecting GCSE results today. However, with these excellent results we know that the vast majority of our students will be celebrating their achievement in spite of all that has happened this year, and they represent a triumph over all the hurdles put in their way.

Thank you to all of the parents of Year 11 who supported the students throughout their GCSE studies in this highly unusual year, and the staff who taught them, and were given the responsibility of using the evidence available to them to assess their overall grades for submission to Ofqual. Most importantly to Year 11, congratulations for your success, the resilience you have shown and best wishes from us all at Thamesmead with your next step be it 6th Form, Further Education College or an apprenticeship.

Phil Reeves – Headteacher


Thamesmead School GCSE Exam Results 2018-19 – Headlines

85% of students achieved a standard pass in Maths and English which means that they gained a 4 grade or higher in both subjects. This is an improvement of 7% on last year’s result.

58% of students achieved a strong pass in Maths and English which means that they gained a 5 grade or higher in both subjects.

Almost a third of all GCSE exams sat by our students this year were graded 9-7.

The results have also seen a school record being broken, with James Norton achieving an amazing 11 grade 9s. Faye MacDonald achieved 9 grade 9s and Grace Cruise and William Price achieved 6 grade 9s. A number of students were also successful in achieving 5 grade 9s. They were Alice Ditchburn, Sophie Evans, Scarlett Griffiths, Alice Webster and Zac Tarver.

Thamesmead School GCSE Exam Results 2018-2019

We are very proud that our students continue to achieve results above the national and local average.

    Thamesmead School Performance Table 2018-19

(last year’s score in brackets)

Progress 8* Attainment 8** Students achieving grade 4 or above in English & Maths GCSE Students achieving grade 5 or above in English & Maths GCSE Students achieving the English Baccalaureate Pupils entered for English Baccalaureate
Thamesmead   +0.29












Local Authority  

(+ 0.18)























*A school’s Progress 8 score is usually between -1 and +1. -1 means that students are achieving one grade lower in every subject to similar ability students across the country and +1 means the reverse. Schools that score +0.5 or greater are making significantly above average progress with its students.

Figures shown are current from DfE and subject to validation.

**Attainment 8 score is based on how well students have performed in up to 8 qualifications, including English, maths, 3 English Baccalaureate qualifications including sciences, computer science, history, geography and languages, and 3 other additional approved qualifications.

Subject summary – 2018-19 exam results

Exam results -Subjects Summary 2018-19

For information on the new GCSE grading system, please watch this short film