Ofsted 2017

Ofsted Inspection 2017

Our Ofsted inspection took place on 6th June 2017 by two inspectors led by Beverley Murtagh . They were very thorough and professional and have produced an inspection report which I feel is a very fair assessment of Thamesmead. It accurately identifies the many strengths of the school such as:

‘Strong leadership aims to ensure that the school provides the best possible standards of teaching and learning.’

‘Staff are fully committed to the school motto ‘where learning comes first’, and provide a wide range of opportunities and support for pupils.’

‘The curriculum is shaped to match pupils’ aspirations and needs.’

‘The house system has been successful in developing relationships between different age groups further, and has reinforced a real feeling of belonging.’

‘Students enjoy lessons and have easy access to further extension work when needed…a wide range of resources is being used to extend learning….’

‘Pupils appreciate the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available after school to help them develop as well-rounded individuals.’

School leaders and governors are determined to enable every student to make good progress.’

‘Pupils typically behave well. They are cooperative and respectful towards their teachers and each other.’

‘School leaders have addressed the areas for improvement identified at the last inspection. They set ambitious targets which challenge staff to aim high and continuously strive to improve rates of progress for all pupils.’

‘You are rightly proud of the success that the school has had over the last few years in improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.’

‘Pupils emphasise that they feel very safe at school. They say that the school community is accepting of difference and that racist incidents or bullying are rare and are dealt with appropriately by staff.’

‘Previous examination results indicate that pupils make strong progress across many subjects by the end of key stage 4.’

‘Pupils are confident that they are well trained in a variety of ways to keep themselves safe, including when online.’

It also clearly set out the areas that we need to improve upon even further. Above all I believe that the report captures the ethos of a school that is determined to go on improving so that we can provide the very best education possible for Thamesmead students.

The full Ofsted Letter can be viewed by clicking below:

Thamesmead School Ofsted JULY 2017

Peter Rodin (Headteacher)

Having your say

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