Thamesmead School Staff

Our current staff are listed here together with the subjects they teach, there is a key to the abbreviations provided below.

Thamesmead staff will endeavour to respond to email communication within 48 hours. Please bear in mind however, that this may not always be possible and it may take longer to reply. If your email is of an urgent nature please contact Reception on 01932 219400 and the Reception team will be able to assist you.

Senior Leadership Team
Mr P Reeves Headteacher 
Mr A Bate Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning / KS4 / PE 
Mrs H Eley Deputy Headteacher – Academic / Food & Nutrition 
Miss R Campbell Assistant Headteacher  – Deputy DSL / KS3 / Computer Science 
Mr R North Assistant Headteacher – CPD / Pastoral / MFL
Mrs C Oates Assistant Headteacher – English
Mr A Grafton Assistant Headteacher / Data & Timetabling  / Computer Science 
Mrs C Ramdhony Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion / Designated Safeguarding Lead / Art
Mr J Seymour Business Manager 
Lead Practitioner
Miss K Hall SLT / Drama
Miss S Walker SLT / Literacy, Language & Communication Lead / English 
Miss C Lane SLT / Director of ITT & New Teacher Development / Humanities
Heads of Year
Mr D Patel Year 7 / PE
Mr P Stevesnon Year 8 / Science 
Mr D Todd Year 9 / DT
Miss R Jones Year 10 / SL Geography
Miss J Shillabeer Year 11 / Science 
House Leaders
Dr T P Watts Centaur House / Geography
Miss B Fisher Dragon House / English
Mr G Evans Griffin House / Music
Mr H Hoadley Phoenix House / PE
Curriculum Leaders
Mrs C Ramdhony SENDCo
Mrs J Burtsell CL Performing Arts
Mrs F Willans CL English
Mrs E McCarthy CL Science
Miss J Hayes CL Science
Miss C Lane CL Humanities / SL History & Citizenship 
Mr M Loffstadt CL Design and Technology
Mrs C Landman CL Maths 
Mrs R Loong CL MFL
Subject Leaders
Mrs E Whitehead SL RPE
Mr A Grafton SL Computer Science
Miss K Haines-Bevan SL Drama
Ms J Burtsell SL Music
Miss R Jones SL Geography
Mrs H Long SL Art
Mrs L Robins-Kent SL PE and Dance / Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Miss C Lane SL History & Citizenship
Mrs J. Mason Head of Careers / Teacher of science
Teaching Staff
Mrs C Azoulay Deputy CL MFL
Mr J Bletcher Maths
Mr S Boyle Computer Science
Mrs C Brooks Art
Mrs K Charlton-Graham Geography / History
Miss H Cook Deputy CL English
Mr S Cowley Deputy SL PE
Miss L Dos Remedios MFL
Mr G Evans Music / HL Griffin
Miss B Fisher English / HL Dragon
Miss K Flowers Science
Mrs F Foster History
Miss R Harris Deputy CL Maths
Miss N Hayes Deputy CL Design and Technology 
Mr H Hoadley PE / HL Phoenix 
Mrs M Johnston Deputy CL Maths
Mrs H Jones DT / Art
Miss B Juchnevic Science
Miss D Levin Science
Mrs H Mazhar English and Maths
Mr S Mendel English
Mr R Phillips History
Mr R Proudlock Mathematics
Mrs A Rosethorne History
Mrs N Savvari MFL
Mr B Singh Mathematics
Mr R Singh Mathematics
Mr T Spencer English
Miss P Thayaparan Science
Miss C Variyam RPE
Mrs E Ward PE
Dr T P Watts Geography / HL Centaur
Mrs G Williams Drama
Miss J Williams Deputy CL English
Teaching Support Staff  
Mrs E Addai Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Barnes Teaching Assistant
Miss J Brown Teaching Assistant 
Miss S Edmonds Teaching Assistant / Form Tutor
Mr L Grahame-Betts Teaching Assistant
Miss M Gutcher Cover Supervisor 
Mr M Litvak Teaching Assistant
Miss A Lovett Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Maskell Teaching Assistant   
Mrs C Meade Senior Cover Supervisor 
Mrs M Melder-Green Teaching Assistant 
Mrs N Newman Teaching Assistant / Form Tutor
Mrs I Padgett Learning Support Room Lead
Ms K Rose Teaching Assistant
Miss L Soanes Teaching Assistant / Form Tutor
Mrs E Taylor Teaching Assistant
Mr C Teuten Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Thomas Teaching Assistant / Form Tutor
Miss H Wallis Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Warden Teaching Assistant / Form Tutor
Mrs J Waters Teaching Assistant
Admin & Support Staff  
Attendance Reporting Contact
Mrs C Atkins Governor Support Officer         
Mrs L Broughton School Inclusion Support Officer / Deputy DSL
Mrs L Chambers Inclusion Support Manager / DSL
Mr W Cooper Operational Facilities Manager
Mrs L Hendricks Senior Finance Officer 
Mrs A Garraway Learning Centre Manager / DPO
Mrs A Harman Senior Pastoral & Curriculum Support Administrator
Mrs M Irwin Senior Communications Administrator
Mrs D Mansell Teacher Training Administrator 
Mrs S Pearce Compliance Administrator/PA to Business Manager
Miss Z Midwinter HR Manager
Mrs P Moss PA to the Headteacher & LT / Admissions Officer
Mrs J Patterson Exams Officer
Mrs A Pescud SEND Manager
Mrs W Shipman Social Inclusion Officer
Mrs A West SEND Administrator


CL           Curriculum Leader

DPO       Data Protection Officer

DSL        Designated Safeguarding Lead

HoY        Head of Year

HR          Human Resources

IEU         Internal Exclusion Unit

LT           Leadership Team

MFL       Modern Foreign Languages

PA          Personal Assistant

RPE        Religion-Philosophy-Ethics

SCITT     School Centred Initial Teacher Training

SENDCo  Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator

SL            Subject Leader

SLT          Senior Leadership Team


Thamesmead staff will endeavour to reply to external communication from parents and stakeholders within 48 hours. If they cannot answer your query specifically at that time, they will respond with an indication of the timescale for the information you require.