Options Booklet

Year 9 Options Booklet 2019-2021

GCSE Options Booklet 2019-2021

Key Questions:

  1. What subjects do I have to study in years 10 and 11?

Almost all students in years 10 and 11 will study GCSEs in:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science, Combined trilogy (Double Award)
  • Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Studies

As well as these subjects you have to choose THREE options.

  1. What options are available?

You will need to choose THREE from the following list of GCSE subjects:

  • Design Technology
  • Humanities: History, Geography
  • Languages: French or Spanish
  • Performing Arts: Dance, Drama, Music.
  • General Subjects: Art and Design, Computer Science, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Physical Education and Triple Science

Please note that we are now offering students the opportunity to study vocational courses in Business & Enterprise, First Award in Sport and Health & Social Care (these are not GCSE Courses but Vocational Certificate courses)

  1. Are there any rules with the choices?

Yes, you must choose one subject from Computer Science, French, Geography, History, Spanish
or Triple Science. If you want to choose a language you must opt for the one you have been
studying in year 9. Lastly, if you were given a place at Thamesmead School based on
your Performing Arts ability (Dance, Drama or Music), then that subject must be one of your choices.

  1. Will all courses definitely run?

We hope that we will be able to offer all the courses outlined. However, if there are insufficient numbers of students choosing certain subjects, then those subjects will not run.

  1. Is there any general advice?

We would suggest that you try and pick subjects from three different categories so that you are studying a mixture of studies. This will help to give you more options when you are looking at the college courses you want to move on to after your GCSEs.

  1. What is the English Baccalaureate?

The English Baccalaureate is achieved when you get a 5 Grade or better in English, Maths, two Sciences which can include Computer Science, a language (French or Spanish at Thamesmead) and at least one humanity (History or Geography).

  1. Is it important to make sure my choices mean I will achieve the English Baccalaureate?

If you have ambitions of going to University, it would be advisable to make sure that you choose a language (French or Spanish) and one humanity (Geography or History), though this is not to say that it would stop you getting to University if you did not have these subjects.

  1. What happens next?

Ensure you complete your option choices online by Tuesday 12th March 2019. You will receive a letter advising which subjects have been allocated in July 2019.