KS4 – Year 10, 11

Academic Year 2021-22




Year 10 Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter

Year 11 Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter


Year 10 Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Year 11 Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter


On the following pages you will find details of both the core National Curriculum subjects and those optional subjects that are on offer at Thamesmead.

Some of the core subjects are ‘non-qualification subjects’ that do not have any exams and do not lead to a certificate. However, it is important that students study these courses as they will help them develop and prepare them for their future.

The core subjects are:
• English GCSE
• Mathematics GCSE
• Science GCSE
• Physical Education (‘Core PE’ is a non-qualification subject)
• Religious Studies GCSE (‘RPE’)
• Citizenship (non-qualification subject; includes careers, sex and relationships education and key
skills development)


For useful information on the new GCSE grading system, watch this short film