Students can choose GCSE Drama as one of their options at KS4

What will I study as part of GCSE Drama?

Drama at GCSE level will build upon the skills and knowledge that you have already learned at KS3 about acting, performing and stagecraft. The course is a mixture of written exam, written controlled assessments, practical exploration and performance. Students who were offered places at Thamesmead under drama criteria will study GCSE Drama.

What you will learn to do?

  • Develop creative innovative ways of working in order for you to communicate through the art form of drama.
  • Develop your knowledge of theatre practitioners, theatre companies and key aspects of the development of 20th & early 21st Century theatre practice.
  • Understand how playwrights use drama to realise text in performance.
  • Develop your acting and performance skills.
  • Learn how to analyse and evaluate performance and live professional theatre.

What is the exam format?

GCSE drama is split into three components:

Component 1: Devising Drama

  • Exploration of stimulus material through a group devised performance worth 30% of the final mark.
  • A written portfolio will be required for this unit.

Component 2: Presenting and Performing Texts

  • Performance of a play text to a visiting examiner worth 30% of the final mark.
  • A written portfolio will be required as part of this unit.

Component 3: Performance and Response

  • 1 ½ hour written exam which is worth 40% of the final mark.
  • Section A will examine your knowledge and understanding of a play text different from that studied in Component 2.
  • Section B will examine how you are able to provide an extended response to a live professional performance which you have to analyse and evaluate.

Exam Board : OCR

Syllabus : GCSE Drama J316

Are there any enrichment opportunities / visits or trips?

Students have opportunities to visit the theatre and will see a play as part of exam component 3.
There are also opportunities to take part in school performances and productions.

What careers or courses might this lead to?

  • A level Theatre Studies
  • A level in Performing Arts
  • BTEC Performing Arts
  • Level 2 Vocational Performing Arts
  • Level 3 Vocational Performing Arts
  • Industry based apprenticeship

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