D&T Food Tech

Students can choose GCSE D&T Food Technology as one of their options as KS4

What will I study as part of GCSE Design & Technology – Food?

This course is about the designing and making of marketable food products.  Students learn about the properties of a wide range of food components whilst at the same time developing practical skills to a high level.

Topics covered over the five terms include:

  • Adapting recipes
  • Food materials – The physical, chemical and aesthetic functions of ingredients
  • Dietary needs and what influences people’s eating patterns
  • Food Manufacture- Commercial food production and food and the law, including hygiene
  • The nutritional profiling of food products
  • Food Product Design – Food packaging and labelling
  • Food preservation methods and the uses of additives
  • Smart foods and ingredients

How will I learn this?

  • Through a series of ‘Design and Make’ tasks including cake, pastry, sauce and bread making.
  • By investigating consumers’ views
  • By comparing existing commercial products with home-made
  • Through experimental work and improving practical skills
  • By testing and tasting foods using tasting panels
  • By developing skills including planning, working independently, design, understanding manufacturing processes within the food industry, and evaluation.

Practical work is a regular and integral part of this course. Students will be expected to provide ingredients

What is the exam format?

A Controlled Assessment
An individual project over 45 hours following the Design and Make process.
This is worth 60% of the final grade

Final examination
A 2-hour paper worth 40% of the final grade.

Examining Board: AQA

What careers might this lead to?

We have strong links with various colleges to help you further your interest in the food industry, including Catering. Career choices are vast, from food science to professional taste/testing. You could be involved in product development with a supermarket, advise people about nutrition and diet or you could train to be a Food Technology teacher.

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