Students can choose GCSE History as one of their options at KS4

What will I study as part of GCSE History?

  • Crime and Punishment 1000-present day
  • Cold War 1941-1991
  • Elizabeth 1558-1588
  • Weimar & Nazi Germany 1919-1939


How will I learn this?

Textbooks, film and video, Internet research, interactive activities, group work and discussions.
The course will give you the opportunity to present your views and opinions by writing reports, diaries, newspaper articles and TV documentaries.
You will develop empathy along with skills in research, report writing and communicating ideas.

What is the exam format?

Final examinations:
Three exam papers of varying lengths 1hr 15mins, 1 hr 45mins and 1hr 30mins

Exam Board : Edexcel

What careers or courses might this lead to?

The GCSE course prepares you very well for AS and A2 level History if you wish to take it at college.

Careers for which History is especially useful are journalism, law, communication, advertising and media.

Useful website links:

BBC Bitesize revision


Additional Resources:

SAM Learning

You Tube – Cold War


You Tube – The History Teacher – Elizabeth I