Students can choose GCSE Spanish as one of their options at KS4.

What you will learn

Spanish GCSE is available to all students. You will have covered a lot of topics in year 7, 8 and 9 and will be in a strong position to do well in this subject. You should be prepared to work hard on your grammar and vocabulary skills in addition to having a keen interest in the culture of Spanish speaking countries.

Theme 1:  Identity and culture

  • Topic 1: Me, my family and friends
  • Topic 2: Technology in everyday life
  • Topic 3: Free-time activities
  • Topic 4: Customs and festivals in Spanish-speaking countries/communities

Theme 2:  Local, national, international and global areas of interest

  • Topic 1: Home, town, neighbourhood and region
  • Topic 2: Social issues (charity work, healthy living)
  • Topic 3: Global issues (poverty, environment)
  • Topic 4: Travel and tourism

Theme 3:  Current and future study and employment

  • Topic 1: My studies
  • Topic 2: Life at school/college
  • Topic 3: Education post-16
  • Topic 4: Jobs, career choices and ambitions

How you will learn this:

Lessons will take the form of:

  • Individual work, group work and pair work,
  • Using film clips, songs, articles and short stories, DVDs and the internet, including podcasting and recording using Voki or another device.
  • The possibility of working with a Foreign Language Assistant which will improve your language skills, increase your cultural awareness and boost your confidence.

Your final assessments

Examining Board: AQA                   Syllabus: 8698

At the end of your course you will sit an examination in four skill areas, each of which is worth 25% of your total mark.

  1. Listening – understand and respond to different types of spoken language.
  2. Speaking – communicate and interact effectively in speech, including describing a photo.
  3. Reading – understand different types of written language and translate into English.
  4. Writing – communicate in writing and translate into Spanish.

Skills you will develop

The course is designed to enable you to communicate in situations in which you might realistically find yourself whilst in Spain or Latin America, or when speaking with any Spanish speakers anywhere. You will also develop skills in working with others collaboratively, problem solving, memory techniques, communicating effectively among many others.

Courses and Career opportunities after GCSE

Achieving a grade C or above in GCSE Spanish will enable you to continue your studies of Spanish at AS and A2 levels. Do you hope to have a career in travel and tourism, the media, journalism, MI5, sales and marketing, customer support, education or translating and interpreting? The knowledge of a foreign language would be an advantage for furthering your career in any field and some universities and colleges may require this as a condition of entry.

Useful website links & Revision Guides: A fantastic vocabulary learning website Excellent exercises on both topics and grammar that are automatically corrected