13 October – Open Evening

Open Evening Thursday 13th October from 5.30pm-8pm.

You do not need to book for general admission to our Open Evening. Where possible please consider attending later, when it can be a little quieter and we would appreciate if only parents/carers and their Year 5 and Year 6 children attend.

Headteacher’s Talks during Open Evening

The Headteacher’s Talks will take place in the Jubilee Centre throughout the evening starting at 5.30, 6.15, 7.00, 7.45pm.  Tickets for each talk will be available at the school entrance on arrival on the day.

Daytime tours of Thamesmead school for Year 6 students only

Tours take place daily in small groups at 8.50am – the tours lasts just under an hour. This would be a good opportunity to see the school on a normal working day. These tours are commencing from Monday 19th September and are for Year 6 families only at present. Tours are usually conducted by the Deputy Headteachers or Assistant Headteachers.

If you would like to book a tour, please call the main office with your child’s name, the school they attend and your telephone number.


Welcome to Thamesmead School (filmed in 2020)