Student Behaviour

Student Behaviour and Expectations for Learning

In order to help everyone be focused on their learning we expect all students to:

  • Follow instructions of the staff first time.
  • Maintain good attendance and be punctual to school and to lessons.
  • Wear full school uniform smartly and appropriately, both in school and on the way to and from school.
  • Bring appropriate equipment to school, i.e. pen (black for exams), pencil, and a metric ruler in a bag large enough to  hold an A4 folder.
  • Use Show My Homework properly and deliver all letters to your parents/carers.
  • Try your best in all lessons and hand in homework on time.
  • Not misbehave nor disrupt and learning of others.
  • Be polite and courteous to all of the Thamesmead community and consider and respect the feelings and property of other people.
  • Move around the school in a quiet, orderly and safe manner.
  • Keep the school equipment clean and tidy and care for school property.
  • Not eat or drink in the areas of the school where this is not allowed.
  • Not bring anything into the school that you know is not allowed, e.g. cigarettes, chewing-gum, fireworks, aerosols, offensive weapons. (Non-aerosol deodorants are allowed in P.E. changing rooms). Inappropriate items brought into school will be confiscated and retained in the main office for collection by a parent/carer.
  • Report any incidents of bullying immediately to a member of staff.
  • Remember that on school trips and on the way to and from school you represent Thamesmead School and must act accordingly.
  • Accept the sanctions of the school if your behaviour is inappropriate.