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All of our remote learning at Thamesmead School can be accessed through Microsoft Teams.

These 3 documents are our most up-to-date guidance for members of our school community:


Remote Learning Guidance 2020 outlines the approaches the school will take when we are in school, but some students and/or staff members are required to self-isolate.

Remote Learning Guidance 2020

Updated Full Remote Learning Guidance 2021 outlines the approaches the school will take in a full lockdown.

Updated Full Remote Learning Guidance 2021 (1)

Remote Learning 2021-Visible Consistencies is an addendum to the above 2 documents and outlines how we are ensuring the effectiveness of our remote learning lessons.

Remote Learning 2021-Visible Consistencies (1)


Video Tutorial for MS Teams

(You will be asked for your Office 365 log in to view three videos below)

Submitting Assignments in Teams from a Computer

Submitting Assignments in Teams from a Tablet

Submitting Assignments in Teams from a Smart Phone


Accessing MSTeams through XBox

If you have an XBox at home, you can use it to access MSTeams for online lessons. This may help if you have limited devices at home. Please see the tutorial for how to do this, and thank you to Mrs Waters for creating the tutorial.

Connection issues

If you are struggling with connection issues, and you or family members have unlimited data on their phones you will be able to hotspot to allow wifi on their laptop/computer. Connection speed is very good. To do this go to settings and enable hotspot.

Increasing data allowances on mobile devices to support disadvantaged children

The government is supporting disadvantaged students to request a mobile data increase if families have no broadband connection at home or if they cannot afford additional data. Please contact us to let us know if you think this may apply to you.


Additional Guidance and Support

Below we have provided guides to assist with using the website and programs you/your child may be using when remote learning.

Home and Remote Learning Quick Reference Guide

Home and Remote Learning-Quick Reference Guide

Remote Learning – Getting the most out of it – Guidance for students

Remote Learning-Getting the most out of it-Guidance for students

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader


The EverLearner Student Guide


GCSEPod Parent Letter

GCSEPod Parent Flyer


Kerboodle Guidance for parents

Microsoft Office365

Office 365 Guide

Microsoft Teams

Student Instructions and MS Teams

Reading Cloud

The Reading Cloud- How to Guide

Remote Learning

Guidance for Remote Learning

SAM Learning

How do I log in to SAM Learning

Seneca Learning

Seneca FAQ

Start Careers

An Introduction to Start – Careers