Spelthorne Parliamentary Debate

On Friday 8th February 7 students from years 7-10 took part in the Spelthorne Senior Schools’ Parliamentary Event at the Council Chambers. This consisted of meeting the Mayor and the local MP Kwasi Kwarteng and taking part in a debate on the following:

“Should internet access be a human right?”

After a lot of fun activities and planning for the final debate, the students got down to debating the issue. Despite the students from the other schools being much older, mainly years 10-13, Thamesmead students got involved with vigour in the debate, with Arya, Carl, Ian and Tate all standing up and voicing their side of the debate in front of all others. The debate was chaired by the local MP, and was a truly fun and beneficial thing to have been involved in.

All of the Thamesmead students really enjoyed the day at the Council Chambers, including the free lunch! A photograph was taken at the end with the Mayor and the local MP, which will be on the Council website in due course.

The students who went were Arya, Hannah, Sarah from year 7, Carl from year 8, Georgia and Tate from year 9 and Ian from year 10.