Working at Home

Welcome to the Working at Home area of our school website.

In this area we aim to provide you with the links, guides and other useful information to help you with your home learning.

Using a web browser such as google chrome or internet explorer you can access Microsoft teams which we use for home learning as well as the other applications within Office365. There is no requirement to purchase or install any extra software to allow this to happen. Students just need to follow the steps outlined in the guidance document.

Firstly, they need to find the Office365 link from our school website.

Click here for a quick reference guide Home and Remote Learning-Quick Reference Guide

You can also visit the Guides and Videos page of this section for more useful information

If you have not already done so you should install Office 365 using the INSTALL link on the page. It is free to all students while they remain at Thamesmead or until the end of the academic year for Year 11 students.