Transition Timetable

Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

At Thamesmead School we want to make the transition from primary school to secondary school as smooth as possible. This guide will give you some outline information of important dates in the school year followed by a more detailed look at the Thamesmead Transition Timetable.

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Surrey School Admissions

Date Action
May – Oct (when in Year 5) Start thinking about your preferences for Secondary Schools. Tours will be offered during the working day.
October (when in Year 6) Open Evenings will be either live or virtual (depending on current restrictions), always held on the second Thursday in October.
Early-Mid October (of Year 6) Thamesmead School deadline for applications under the Performing Arts (Music and/or Drama) criteria. Aptitude testing will then take place before the deadline for submitting your Local Authority application form.
Friday before October half term (of Year 6) This is the deadline date for submitting your applications to the Local Authority, listing your chosen schools.
March (of Year 6) Offers of places are made. Students who are not offered their first choices can be added to the waiting list of their preferred school.
March (of Year 6) Families must respond to their school offer.
End of March (of Year 6) Any appeals regarding places must be lodged by the end of March. A detailed timetable can be found hereSchool Admission Appeal
April – May (of Year 6) Students on waiting lists may begin to receive details about available places.
May (of Year 6) Thamesmead School will begin sending information with important dates for parents and students regarding the transition process. More details below.
June-July (of Year 6) Our staff will carry out meetings with primary schools.

Introduction days for students and a parent’s evening will be arranged.

September (Year 7) On the first day of term in September, our new Year 7 students will arrive, the rest of the school will return the following day. They will spend this time with their form groups and tutors getting their timetables and finding out more about the school day. They will then start normal lessons. For the first few weeks Year 7 students will have their lunch break 10 minutes earlier than the rest of the school so that they can familiarise themselves with the canteen. They also have sole use of the mezzanine level for breaks in the first half term.

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition process you would like to discuss please contact the Admissions Office on 01932 219400 or email:


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