Hot Weather Information

Hot weather – Important Information

As we are experiencing a brief period of hot weather, can you please note the following:

  • Please ensure your child brings water/a drink to school in a refillable bottle.  Students have the opportunity to refill water bottles every hour on lesson change at the water fountains.  During break and lunch time we are also opening one of the food rooms for refilling bottles to alleviate the queues at the fountains.
  • Please encourage your child to apply sunblock prior to school.
  • Blazers are optional this half-term.  On particularly hot days ties are not required, but please note students should bring their ties each day as this decision will be made each morning.
  • Plenty of shaded areas are available both indoors and outdoors at break and lunchtimes.
  • Where possible, particularly hot classrooms are not being used and students are being moved to another room.
  • Exam halls are ventilated and students are spaced out.
  • During outdoor lessons/ activities we are ensuring the maximum use of shade, e.g. the introduction to the lessons taking place in the shade of the quad.

We hope these measures will enable everyone in the school to continue with their learning whilst enjoying this brief glimpse of summer.